We advise startups in name development and brand identity at several incubators in the bay area.  A startup name should be able to do important work from the get-go.  Attract audience attention.  Create a desire to learn more.  Gain potential investor interest to peek under the hood.  Many startups do not realize how a poor name can undermine their efforts to gain momentum.

A name is not simply a label for who you are and what you do.  The caliber of the name indicates whether the startup can succinctly and concretely communicate their mission and vision, beyond a simple feature offering.  A name can signal whether the business has marketing savvy, has identified a target market, can distinguish itself from the competition.  The name can even reflect on the business plan. And a good name is an important asset that drives word-of-mouth marketing for the business early on, when the business needs it most.

The name itself can label a startup as an innovator … or a follower.