Naming a technical services company presents unique challenges.

Because there are no ostensible tangibles at the outset, the stakes for the name itself are high.  A great deal resides in what the name alone can communicate about the company’s mission, vision and quality of service.

We were asked to create a name for a new company that provides services to clients that use a special software package to apply for and work under US government contracts.  The software itself can be opaque to the wide range of business types that use it.  The new company custom-configures the software for each different business type.  It also provides special training and services that enable businesses using the software to become extremely efficient and productive.

This new company had initially formed under the name Integration Advisors Group.  We pointed out that this functionally descriptive name would be difficult to remember, and, because of its length, would be shortened word of mouth to its initials IAG.  An important opportunity to communicate mission and message would be lost.

The services offered by this new company are unique in its industry.  We wanted the new name to capture that feel of new possibilities, embodied in the company itself as well as in the results of the services it provides.  As we saw it, therefore, a key task for the name was to distinguish this company from the software provider itself, and its competitors, all of which had very technical-sounding names.  We sought a name that would immediately convey something meaningful – and useful – to the client, for example:  much needed guidance, user-friendly, making the job easier, getting unstuck, moving forward more efficiently.  In other words, the name should directly convey ‘this will solve your problem’ to potential purchasers of the service.

Hundreds of names were developed that communicated these concepts in various ways;  these name candidates were then screened for linguistic quality as well as service mark and domain name availability.

Among the final name candidates developed for the client, IceAx emerged in our discussions as the clear choice.  IceAx did all the work our client needed it to.  It is sayable – it is short and has a word-initial stress pattern that people intuitively like.  It is easily interpretable and memorable, distinct from names in the technical industry that it inhabits. It conveys a concept central to the company’s mission – helping clients break out of the frozen state they often find themselves when starting out with the software.  It also conveys key results of the company’s service offerings – finding traction and climbing higher.  The name IceAx allows for an immediate and positive emotional connection to the company’s services.

IceAx is a simple and euphonic name that provides a great deal of room for the company to develop a strong brand.