A few things to consider in choosing a name.

Everyone has a personal reaction to names.  Your name has important work to do for you.  It’s not about ‘I like it’, it’s about what works and why.

Beware of compromise in choosing a name.  The result is mediocrity. Rather than ‘this is a name that must work for all of us’, think bold vision and putting a name to that vision.

The rules of language sound and meaning are subconscious and hard to access.  In constructing a name it’s common to violate these rules and build a broken name.

A name that ‘works for everyone’ in your multifaceted target audience is not a sign of greatness, it’s the sign of a name that fits into a well-worn mental groove.  You’ve lost a crucial opportunity to distinguish yourself.

The best result?

A name that brings you attention.  People want to learn more about it, want to say it, want to tell others about it.  A name that captures the new way of doing that you represent.